Community Support Team (CST)

Community Support Team (CST)

What is a CST member? 🧐

A Community Support Team (CST) member is part of the SIPHER Community Team. Each CST member is essential to the Community and will help the Community Team primarily with Discord engagement, activities, and admin work.

As part of the CST, you will essentially be another employee in SIPHER (fully remote), will be signing a contract and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and will be fully aware of everything going on in the SIPHER company.

CST members will also receive proper compensation for their efforts.

CST Requirements 👨🏽‍💻

DISCLAIMER: The requirements can be negotiable and adjusted based on your skillset and how comfortable you are with your role, and we also reserve the right to accordingly adjust the compensation based on the requirements you decide to fulfill.

To be a CST there are some expectations and “Job Requirements”. This includes: ✍️

  1. Policing work → Ensure that there are no scams spread or spam within the Discord. CST will have the authority to ban or mute members. Do exercise your rights accordingly if you see anyone breaking any rules
  2. Daily engagement in Discord (no fixed amount of hours) → Genuinely conversing with members and getting to know them. This means that your job is not only to “police” and answer questions. Whenever possible, you should be genuinely interested in what community members have to say and create friendly and professional relations. Emphasis on professionalism, as you still are a member of the SIPHER Team and cannot give special treatment to community members.
  3. Promote a positive culture → You are not required to spread fake positivity. However, do try to be as positive as possible to set an example to new and existing members
  4. Answering common questions or directing members to the appropriate links where questions can be answered. Help with assisting new members into the community
  5. Relay community concerns → the CST is the bridge between the Internal Sipher Team and the Community
  6. Expected to read and get a thorough understanding of all information shared with the community. This includes reading the Atlas, website, medium, Discord, etc. to make sure you have the proper knowledge to respond to questions in an educated manner. There will be situations when you don’t know and it is fine to ask the Community Team
  7. Help come up with or host Community Events within the Discord
  8. Attend Community Team meetings
  9. Attend 1-on-1 monthly meetings with the Community Team, to express feedback and improvements that can be made along the way for the community. This 1-on-1 meeting could also serve as a review for the CST member
  10. Help the Community Team with any initiatives, events, or admin work. There may be a delegation of work spread throughout the CST

CST Compensation 💗

  • Each CST member will receive the equivalent of $900 USD, paid in $SIPHER, per month. The amount of $SIPHER will be paid at the end of each month and will be based on the price per $SIPHER token at that point in time. This compensation can change depending on requirements decided to be fulfilled by CST members, on a case-by-case basis (see disclaimer under “CST Requirements” section)
  • Additionally, CST members can receive private slots and free mint slots for direct NFT sales by the team (at the SIPHER team’s discretion)

How to Join the CST team? 🤝