Strategy Lead

Strategy Lead

Reporting to the CEO, the Strategy will perform several critical functions:

  • Developing, monitoring, and maintaining a long range strategic plan and growth strategy, accounting for market dynamics, regulatory environment, and competitive dynamics
  • Communicating strategic plans internally and externally to ensure alignment
  • Driving key strategic initiatives, including by securing key corporate competencies through building these competencies internally or through buying / partnering with other entities (e.g., capital projects, potential acquisitions, strategic partnerships)
  • Establishing and┬ámeasuring progress against┬áKPIs
  • Gathering and evaluating market intelligence to develop a┬ácomprehensive understanding of the┬ácompetitive landscape, including competitor┬ástrengths, weaknesses, points of differentiation, strategies, capital structure, partners, pricing, and business models
  • Proposing / executing measures to┬ámitigate key strategic┬árisks┬á


  • Depth in blockchain, cryptocurrency and preferably NFTs
  • Clear thinking and excellent communication skills
  • Organizational and self-management skills