A compelling, user focused approach based on a genuine passion for web3 gaming and entertainment experiences.

We aim to create a culture where we grow as a team, let the best ideas win, and work hard to achieve our goals. Embrace creativity and collaborative problem solving, we aim to create incredible outcomes.

Move with urgency and focus

The world moves fast. Web3 moves even faster. We must move fast and break as few things as possible.

But you can't make a great omelet without breaking a few eggs. 😁

Think rigorously

We care about being right & about why and it often takes reasoning from first principles to get there.

We do not accept half-baked and lazy thinking.

Trust and Amplify

We trust our teammates, we count on them to have our back and we have theirs.

We build trust with our players, team members, community, partners and investors.

Learn the best, Leap frog the rest

No idea is original. We constantly analyze & learn from the best across many industries.

70% Proven | 20% Better | 10% New

We compete by innovating upon our learnings.